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A Live in care agency can provide live in care work - normally associated with working holiday makers coming to travel and do care work in the UK. Caring work through an agency is when someone looks after disabled or elderly people, normally in their own houses. When a carer lives with his client, it is normally known as live in care work, because the carer lives in with their client for a defined period of time.

With 2 million registered disabled people, and 3 million carers in the UK, care work is a booming industry where numbers are expected to grow with the aging population. Many of these people prefer to keep their independence and live in their own houses rather than going to a nursing home.

This is thanks to the provision of live in care and daily nursing care at their residences.

Live in care work offers great benefits especially for a working holiday maker. The live in carer normally works for 8 hours a day for seven days a week to look after the client. Apart from his/her salary, the live in carer gets free food and accommodation in return for being “on call” for any emergencies for another 5 hours a day. This has been very appealing to a lot of people travelling in England especially working holiday makers from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, although many new carers are coming to England from countries in the European Union, like Poland, Spain, Slovakia and others.

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Most live in carers in the UK use an agency to find work. Likewise - the clients to find their carers. There are more than 170 live-in care agencies spread out all over England and Wales, some of which also cater for clients on the islands, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Some of these “only live-in care” specialised agencies have less than a 100 clients and some more than a 1000 clients. Some have representatives abroad like in Australia and South Africa, and some don’t offer their training in London, but further inland. Some only specialise with the elderly, and some for spinal injuries only. Some have clients with more demanding roles where their clients need more help although with a better pay package.

We have reviewed most of them and found that the best 3 agencies in the UK that offer the best overall package & conditions of work for carers wanting to work live-in with their clients. Click here to apply with all these 3 with just a click, increasing your chances of finding immediate work (after interview, reference checks and training) as soon as you’re in the UK!

I have only been in caring for 5 weeks, but since I got all this information I know I can have a secure job in something I really enjoy doing. Thanks! - Petra from Czech Republic

Not knowing / having any of my friends that did this before, I can now approach and apply for a live in care position with confidence. I know which agencies to choose and what clients I want and can choose to care for! It's a great website especially if you're not yet in the UK! - Michael, Oz

Did you know that you can start earning money as a live in carer as from 7 days after you arrive in the UK? YES, all you need is attend an interview, participate in a free 3 day training course, meet your potential client and you’ll start getting your salary from that day!

Who funds the live in carer's salary?

Independent Living Fund, Disability Living allowance, Income support from the government and other charitable and UK governmental organisations.

care work uk What are the basic steps to become a live-in carer?
  1. Apply with an agency (You can do so here) This can be done even before travelling to the UK to speed up the process;
  2. Provide all documents and proof of eligibility to work in the UK;
  3. Wait for the agency to confirm with your references about your background and from the CRB to confirm you don't have any police convictions;
  4. Attend an interview once in the United Kingdom and prove you are a mature, trustworthy, caring and responsible individual;
  5. Participate in a free 3-5 day induction training;
  6. Accept offers from agency to go and work as a carer;
  7. Meet your client and start work, with ongoing help and support from the agency.

Agencies normally tend to give priority of work to carers by:

Qualifications (like NVQ2)
Drivers (license holders)
Car owners
Good references and positve feedback from clients

Note1: Sometimes, if you can drive you will be given priority over experienced carers!!
Note2: Do not worry if you have no experience, full training is provided and there’s a lot of demand for work!

If you are ready to apply for work now, even if you are not yet in the UK and want to get more information from the agencies, click here.

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